Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Happenings...

Aloha dear friends!
I've been on a little break with a few scheduled postings
as we just got back from our trip to Colorado.
Time flew by (doesn't it always when you're having fun)!

One of the highlights of our trip... 
I met up with the awesomely talented, sweet and gorgeous 

LOVE this gal!!!

I also did quite a bit of shopping...

Everything seen here was either on sale or I had a coupon for.
Gotta love a good deal...or two...or three...

I celebrated my birthday prior to leaving for Colorado 
and because my birthday was on Easter the hubby gathered an Easter basket for me!

So now it's back to the daily grind.
I'm actually oncall this weekend but managed to squeeze in a bit of crafty fun...
My next post will be up shortly with a 
GIVEAWAY!  Stay tuned!!

Mahalo for stopping by!!!


  1. What a good hubby to pick out just what you needed. Looks like the best easter basket anyone could ask for.

  2. Yay for meeting Annette! How fun! Lotsa goodies!

  3. aww I am so happy we got to meet.. I just adore you so much.. I hope that we will get to see each other again soon. :) hugs to you sweet friend.. and yay for all those goodies.. Don't you just love shopping sprees.. :)

  4. Such a cute photo, you two look so pretty! And holy moly that's quite the craft haul! So much awesome goodness and your birthday gift is just too sweet! I'm happy you had a wonderful birthday! :)


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