Thursday, June 6, 2013

Use your stash and RIC

So we're almost to the end of the week and I'm looking forward to sharing my project using Kitty Bee Design for our next Aloha Friday Challenge...come back on Friday to be inspired!!!

As y'all know I'm a challenge junky and came across another fun challenge by Sweet Stamp Shop where their rules are to use your stash. What a great excuse to use what was lying around my messy...err creative desk!  Here's my semi embarrassing array of things needing to be used...

I cannot get rid of any pattern paper no matter how small...I know I will ALWAYS find use of each inch of it!  So that bit of paper was used with the die cut frame and of course the Sweet Stamp Shop set Get Fit.  I was inspired by the next Runway Inspired Challenge using this photo...

The colors and random images/fonts on her dress was what inspired me to come up with this card...

This card will be for my mom who I need to encourage every once in a while.  My mom suffered a stroke in April which has altered her whole lifestyle from eating habits to actual exercise.  We are sooo blessed the stroke was caught in time and that she will make almost a complete recovery.   I know she gets discouraged everyone once in a while, but think this card would give her a good laugh and remind her of staying on the healthy bandwagon! 

The nurse in me wants to leave you with this quote: “The ‘I’ in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are ‘we’.”  ~Author Unknown
Have a great day!


  1. awesome card for your Mom!

  2. aww I am sorry your mom had a stroke.. I hope this card encourages her and brings her smiles..

  3. Love this adorable card...especially the sneakers. I know your mom will love this. Sending well wishes her way. I love that quote!

  4. Aw how sweet of a card, I'm sure this will put a smile on her face...I'm so sorry to hear about her stroke, and praying for her speedy recovery...
    BTW_ love your new blog headers, it's so vibrant in colors.... love it!


  5. sweet card...with an loving daughter, Mom will stay healthy & strong for MANY more years. We will keep her in our hearts. SMILE!

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom, and I'm glad she's recovering well. My BIL had a severe stroke in February, and I can relate to the encouragement and sentiment. It's such a sweet card--love the shoes!

  7. Great card! I do love all the different fonts for the sentiments that you used! Hope your mom will get better soon!!


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