Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun times!

So our dear friend's baby shower is tomorrow and we can't be more excited for them!  They have tried for a long while and just as they were preparing to adopt got pregnant!  We know they will make fabulous parents as our kids always cling to them when we get together.

This is their theme...

I love making party favors with my Sizzix e-clips, and to personalize it placed mom and dad's initials on the front and heat embossed the back with the sentiment.  They're filled with macadamia nut kisses to keep with the blue theme. Those mac nut kisses are sooo fun because their little flag says "aloha" on them.  I want to say you can only buy them in Hawaii too! (on the right is a simple card)

Wanted to add a pic of my little helper!  She loves crafting as well and is my biggest customer...hehehe...always placing her order for favors to pass out at school.

Here they are packed and ready to go!  Congrats to our friends!!  We're soooo looking forward to meeting their bundle of joy!!!

My hubby is super talented with gift wrap...this is his design...hope they like it!!!

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